Design Solutions that shape lives and help you thrive

We design and engineer generous buildings, spaces, and places for people to live and thrive.

Creating purposeful and well-designed buildings and places

We have the breadth of experience to handle both large and small projects, managing and delivering solutions for a wide range of sectors.

With our expertise in Architectural Design, Interior Design and Project Management, we deliver excellence across sectors, including: residential development, commercial development projects, government projects, hospitality, and learning institutions.

Every decision we make is to deliver the best for our clients. With our agile and customized approach, we are constantly working with our clients to deliver superlative experiences, and always searching for a better solutions. The result of this philosophy: well-designed and beautiful buildings and places executed with a flexible, scalable and controlled approach.

Our Process

At the heart of delivering innovative and remarkable outcomes for our clients is a refined process that we have crafted to perfection over the years. This ensures consistency, and attention to detail on every project execution.

01. Inception

Before any work ever begins, understanding the client's vision is priority one!

02. The Proposal

Putting together concepts & ideas from the client's vision, & organizing a delivery team

03. Detailed Designs

Developing the shape and size of the building with sketches of how things will look like.

04. Documentation

Specifying every element of the project from structure to the details on the final finishing

05. Project Management

Agree priorities, programming, quality control and managing each stage of the project delivery

06. Completion & Handover

Inspecting the completed building, and hold a handover meeting to issue certificate of completion

Our Solutions

Our integrated design and delivery team brings highly specialized expertise to every project, big or small.

Architectural Design

Designing and building places that have meaning

Interior Design

Creating active spaces shaped by people who use them

Project Management

Delivering iconic projects all around the region within expectations

In the Commercial property sector, Sketch Studio is a trusted and dependable partner, creating unparalleled experiences in urban living and working environments.

Sketch Studio creates and engineers bespoke residential buildings of various types, working with the top property developers in the region.

In the hospitality and leisure sectors, we design and build star comfort luxury facilities as well as beyond.

We designs and engineers ambitious luxury stores outlets for your favorite retailers, where you can shop, dine, and snack with family and friends.

Let's work on your next project together

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