General Mathenge Houses

Breathing life back into the city home


Architectural Design








1350 SQM


Jessani Villas

The making of a distinct modern-day townhouse

The Architecture of each of the three units in the General Mathenge compound has its own distinct identity in terms of colour while retaining the same structure. The form-making is simple yet intriguing in its own way with attention to detail on how the curved roof is supported and the finishing.

The design of the cohesive façades is accentuated by the wide windows, which lends the houses serenity and framed-views, creating an appealing aesthetic. Every surface is thought out, with every detail blended to achieve the success of this home environment.

A triumph in Architectural Design for the modern home

Overall the scheme creates a harmonious link between heritage, urban architecture, site layout and floor plan functionality. The 3 residential dwellings are well-constructed, with ample parking.

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