Grow your career with the best

Become part of the team that builds an exciting new world full of experiences.

Grow your career with the best

Become part of the team that builds an exciting new world full of experiences.

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The art, the passion, the drive, and the team that creates new experiences

Sketch Studio designs buildings and spaces that shape and inspire people. We’re a diverse team of innovative, collaborative, and dynamic people with an ambitious mission: To re-invent and renew the built environment with ideas & designs that shapes and transforms where people live, work, and play.

As the newest member to our industrious team, it will be your responsibility to help us achieve this mission and make a positive impact on the world. If this sounds interesting, let’s explore further.

Your personal success is our collective success.

Incredible things happen when brilliant and driven individuals collaborate to create something that otherwise could not be done alone.
There’s room for you to join our team of architects, designers, and creators. From building luxury residential projects, affordable housing projects, bespoke company headquarters, retail hotspots, to state-of-the-art hotels and world-class city centers, creating new experiences is our passion. Is it yours too?

Then you are in good company and will blend well with our culture here at Sketch Studio. You will learn from the experts at the top of their game, gain new experiences, master new skills, assist in delivering projects that shape the future we will live in. And there will be a lot more exciting birthdays and events to celebrate along the way.

The values that make us who we are and the team we aspire to build

We’re proud of our culture of innovation, curiosity, and collaboration. These are the core of what we aim to embody in our work, in our engagement with clients and stakeholders. We encourage creative problem-solving by fostering ideas of discovery.

Creative Solutions

Every challenge is an opportunity to create something new, to find new ways to tackle a problem and deliver something outstanding.


Every project is a partnership opportunity to combine expertise and working together to create lasting impact to our clients.


Just because the door should be there, does not mean you put any door there. Think about how you want the experience of opening the door to be and then create.


We are passionate about elevating the human experience at every single interaction and also in our projects. We impress in all our deliveries going above and beyond.

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