Runda House 2

A residential home built for both function and looks


Architectural Design






Ruaraka Drive, Runda


3600 SQM



A modern living space expressing the past, present and future

The Runda House 2 is a modern concept residential house internally built for wide spaces spaces, and externally built with the traditional look. The house is drawn to detail and executed with perfection using a mix of volumes to create solids and voids.

The use of natural materials accentuates the external to create a warm homely feel with clean lines of geometry used to detailing the house. The Interior Design exudes a sense of welcoming warmth while still complementing the structure’s contemporary design.

Light and color creating elegance and class

The arrangement of concrete and dark wood, in the inside keep the materials consistent with the outside. This material mixture in combination with furniture in light colors gives the rooms an elegant and refined appearance while providing a relaxing and cozy ambience.

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