Capital Club

Designed to enhance the communal experience


Project Management






4th-7th Floors, Imperial Court


1200 SQM


Signature Clubs International

A space to relax and enjoy with family and friends

The Capital Club is a distinct space designed to give its members the feeling of being at home. Built for the future, the club incorporates a diverse array of social spaces to foster the culture of a communal and elegant lifestyle, making it the perfect private Club, where leaders in business and government meet and entertain.

Designed by DWP of Bahrain, the club was a joint effort, with Sketch Studio managing the project to create a space that continues to enhance the experience of the members.

Given the unique set of requirements needed to deliver, the main idea was to create an open and continuous space that connects the inside and outside. As you enter from the outside, there is a smooth transition made possible by lighting. The interior is well lit with an overhead array of light fixtures that provide a warm ambience and complements the premium wooden finish of the floors and the walls.

The design of the interiors tells a story of the club's past and present.

A circular stairwell leading to the upper levels is tucked to one side and feels like an extension of the wall. As you climb up, the gallery provides a glimpse of the club’s storied past and present, and accompanies you up to the next level. On the upper deck, the balcony provides a breathtaking view of nature – a signature experience for the club that the members enjoy.

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