Creating new experiences in places that shape our lives

We design and engineer generous buildings, spaces, and places for people to live and thrive.


Architecture that enables people to experience their environments

For over 15 years, Sketch Studio has partnered with clients to design and engineer generous buildings, spaces, and places, including luxury residential projects, affordable housing projects, bespoke company headquarters, retail hotspots, state-of-the-art hotels and world-class city centers.

We are a multi-award winning Architecture, Interior Design, and Planning firm creating new experiences for the future where people can live, work, play and thrive.

Our capabilities combine creativity with discipline, precision, and uniqueness to deliver iconic Architectural & Interior Design solutions that integrate style, function, and expression.

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To create timeless places where people work, live and thrive by providing sustainable, bespoke, and functional designs to our clients.

At Sketch, we recognize that design has the ability to uplift and shape individuals, and their communities. Driven by the desire to mold and shape the future, we push the boundaries in Architecture and Interior Design to create new experiences for our clients.

We work together with our clients to distill their needs, and arrive at outcomes that simply and elegantly enhance and support their lifestyle.

Today we pride ourselves with an extensive portfolio of over 300 projects across the region, including in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Rwanda.


Great and interactive experiences always starts with people.

Jaspal Singh B. Arch(Hons) MAAK(A) ACIArb

The monumental strides made by Sketch Studio in its 16 years of existence is worth admiration. We’ve come a long way in establishing ourselves a premier Architectural and Interior Design firm in Kenya and the greater East African region. This could not have been possible without the support of you, the stakeholders, strategic partners, clients, and everyone else who continue to play a role in our stoied success.

Our collective efforts at Sketch are geared toward creating experiences, delivering innovative solutions, running all our operations with sustainability in mind, and fostering leadership and integrity. We have a robust team of Architectural experts who go above and beyond to ensure that we not only deliver on time, but also design for experiences that impact positively the communities we live and work in.




Creative Solutions





A multi-award winning Architecture and Interior Design firm

Along the way, excellence in delivery has been one of our key drivers to success. This has culminated in numerous awards for our projects. Some of our recent accolades:

Best Cultural Project - Interior Design Awards 2019

Best Residential Building Project - AAK/Duracoat 2020

Winner Exellence in Architecture - AAK/Duracoat 2022


Explore an exciting new world of opportunity, training and exposure to spring board your career. At Sketch, you will find unique people and subject matter experts who will guide you to the next level.