PwC HQ Kenya

A modern Interior Design masterpiece that embodies sophistication and styl


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PwC Tower Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya




Transcending the Ordinary: The Ultimate Example of a Design That Does it All

We are proud to present the Kenya headquarters of PwC, a modern interior design masterpiece that embodies sophistication and style. With its sleek combination of glass and concrete, this space makes a bold statement from the moment you enter.

The grand entrance has a high curved ceiling, dotted with recessed lights, that welcomes you to the entrance. The dark brown wooden pallets, add warmth and depth to the entrance, and the bold column bars on either side, with their glass sides, give the building a sense of openness and transparency.

Once inside, the first reception area is minimalistic and elegant, setting the tone for the rest of the building. The interior features a modern and contemporary theme, with toughened glass doors and wooden pallets on the wall with the lifts, partially extending to the ceiling, making a bold statement.

Embodying Creative Excellence and Meticulous Detail

The recessed ceiling at the site of the lifts and the stainless-steel stair railings add to the overall aesthetic, while the primarily white interior, accented with pops of red, yellow, and brown, creates a lively and energetic atmosphere.

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