Lakeview 2 House

Modern rustic House built with a lot of shapes


Architectural Design






2, Lakeview Estate


2800 SQM



Create the perfect home experience with shapes

The Lakeview House is an architectural marvel designed to create the perfect home experience using modern rustic design. The house has a lot of shapes that create a wonderful play of both form and space, elevating the experience of living within the space.

Sitting on the site with the visual of a large structure, the external walls are mostly a collage of rocks patterned to make the house seem like a museum piece. This is complemented by the vertical wood finish of the top floor wall which connects to the roof of the building.

Truly a living experience like no other

The space is intended to be dynamic, energetic, and versatile to suit the client’s lifestyle of the client while still feeling familiar and comfortable. This is visible from the front of the house as the shape forms frame a welcoming atmosphere to the space.

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