Encee Place

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Muguga Green Brookside


25000 SQM


Encee Place

A generous, exciting and vibrant office space

The Encee Place is a modern office building designed with different volumes of space juxtaposed together with voids to create an interesting piece of Architecture. This commercial project comprises of ground floor parking with 4 levels of office space with the 4th floor space comprising of a roof terrace.

With a clean and eccentric façade, striking elements and well thought out concept, the Encee Place offers a unique and clever approach to the design of commercial buildings. Tinted windows with solar reflective glass allow for reduced heat gain into the internal spaces and offers privacy from the street. The salient Y- shaped structures hoist the roof terrace covers, providing shade while still maintaining an airy and light atmosphere.

Clever design to make the ordinary exciting

Air conditioning has been skillfully screened through a louvered concealment and practical duct space facilitating a conducive interior while maintaining the pristine exterior language. The project was done in collaboration with Wadia Construction who constructed the majestic building, finishing it off with a crisp clean paint job.

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