Mugumo Cottage

A slice of heaven hidden in the suburbs of Thika


Architectural Design






Thika Albizia Downs Estate


1580 SQM


Mugumo Cottage

Where family, friends, and pets come to celebrate togetherness

Built as a standout feature of its surrounding, the Albizia Downs Mugumo Cottage is among our most daring achievement yet in architectural design incorporating the landscape.

Surrounded by a lush greenery and an open field, the house is deceptively small from the outside by design, but the magic begins when you step on the terrace: The space has wide corridors with ample lounging space, large interiors with a lot of head space, and wide windows with framed views of the surroundings.

The perfect spot to watch the sunset or the moon rise

An assortment of additional spaces are designed to provide outdoor dining, fine lounging, and a relaxed family campfire, which serves as the main gathering place and unites the spaces together. The outside terrace is a popular spot to unwind in a cozy chair and take in the sounds of nature while watching the sun set or the moon rise.

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