Thigiri Hilltop House

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Thigiri Hilltop


Discover the Beauty of Architecture: A Tour of the Stunning Thigiri Hilltop Building

The Thigiri Hilltop house is a stunning Architectural masterpiece, where the attention to detail and creative use of space and materials have truly elevated this building to new heights.

With a beautiful cream ceiling accented by warm wood elements, the ceiling alone is breathtaking. The recessed lighting and open beams allow natural light to pour into the building, illuminating the space with a soft, warm glow.

The real magic lies in the eye-catching accent wall, with its intricate geometric patterns made from a wood-like material. The vertical wooden pallets also add a touch of texture and visual interest, making it a complete masterpiece.

A timeless design, that surely leaves a lasting impression

Meanwhile, the large floor-to-ceiling windows offer unobstructed views of the surroundings, allowing natural light to flow in and creating an open, airy atmosphere.

We also made sure to make the exterior equally impressive, including rectangular columns, a unique roof design, and a glass balcony. The use of neutral colours: grey, wood brown, light grey, and cream, create a harmonious balance, make the house both sophisticated and approachable.

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