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Redefining the boardroom experience with smart and timeless design

Well-lit, the PwC Boardroom is designed as a forward-thinking space where members can engage and discuss current progress and the future. The area mixes cutting-edge design with ground-breaking technologies to establish a balance between traditional boardroom decor and modern commercial architecture.

The room has a refreshing hardwood floor finish that matches the outer ceiling with its spaced beams, and the conference table which sports a continuous pattern of its hardwood material. Light fixtures at the top are a mix of continuous lights with the centerpiece being the custom-designed light strips reminiscent of continuous waves that run from one end of the room to the other.

Bringing the lush jungle into the boardroom

A mural of greenery adds flair, and brings the space to life with the matching brand color of the organization, bringing the lush jungle into the room. The space is further fitted with ultra-modern conferencing equipment to add functionality to the room – the interactive display, the balanced sound system, and connection points – making the PwC boardroom the ideal space to close deals.

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