Naivasha 94 House

An exquisite Architectural masterpiece in the African Savannah


Architectural Design








An atmospheric home with a view to the Naivasha Rift Valley floor

The Naivasha 94 Project is a luxurious house project that offers an exquisite adventure in the wild. Located on the slope of a hill looking into the descending valley, the house offers stunning views of the surrounding Rift Valley horizon.

Arrival is announced by the highest floor of the house, which disappears into the valley below, cleverly hidden by the elevation of the hill. The house is designed to embrace the contemporary living experience with wide spaces to move about, and symmetrical architecture to provide a feeling of balance as you move though each room. Concrete, glass and natural stone are used to harmoniously mix artistic elements with modern architecture on the facade of the luxurious villa.

Interiors that match the exterior style in material & comfort

The interior materials are consistent with the outside: an arrangement of concrete, glass and dark wood that accents the rooms. This material combination, along with light-colored furniture, makes the living room stylish and polished while fostering a cozy and comforting atmosphere. The interior exudes a sense of welcoming warmth while still complementing the structure’s contemporary design.

A terraced swimming pool provides an opportunity to relax, unwind, and cool-off while enjoying the timeless views of the valley below.

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