Laurie Close Outhouse

A modern outhouse design, rich in aesthetics with accompanying spectacular views


Architectural Design







An imposing touch of rustic elegance

The Kauria Close project is a notable addition as an outhouse to an existing residential building. As you step inside the outhouse, the first thing you notice is the stunning wooden ceiling that adds a touch of rustic elegance. The wooden panels are arranged in a pattern that draws your gaze upward, creating the illusion of height and space.

The flooring and portions of the walls are also made of dark, rich wood but with a slightly different hue than the ceiling. We have polished the hardwood to a shine, and the natural grain of the wood is visible throughout.

The thick ceiling, visible on the exterior, is made of sturdy materials, giving the structure a sense of strength and durability. The lines of the building are clearly defined, with a modern and minimalist aesthetic that draws the eye.

Unobtrusive view of the surrounding landscape

At the front of the outhouse, large glass windows provide a source of natural lighting. The glass is clear and unobtrusive, giving the building a sense of transparency and openness. It also provides a stunning view of the surrounding landscape, making anyone inside feel connected to nature.

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