Elixir Apartments Mvuli Road

An apartment building that creates the experience of living in a house in the big city


Architectural Design






Mvuli Road


Perfect views and a sense of connection with the outdoors

The Elixir Apartments Mvuli Road is clad with a combination of materials such as glass, metal panels, and precast concrete that make it an intriguing and attractive addition to the Mvuli Road neighbourhood. From a distance, the building beckons you to approach.

This residential apartment building is positioned to take advantage of the natural sunlight, and the wide windows and balconies provide clear framed views of the surrounding environment. The cohesive façade creates a tranquil atmosphere and a sense of connection with the outdoors. With five levels and basement parking, the building offers ample space for residents to live and park their cars. The fifth level is particularly unique, featuring a roof terrace that likely provides stunning views of the surrounding area.

Functional and visually appealing building

It has a creative use of yellow, orange, grey, and white colours to make it aesthetically pleasing and unique, combined with the use of voids and different volumes of space that adds a sense of depth and complexity to the building.

Overall, the design of the apartment building is both functional and visually appealing, as we focused on creating a sense of openness and flow between the different levels and spaces.

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