Copy Cat Limited

Reinventing the working space with lively interiors you feel like running around in.


Interior Design






1st-3rd Floor Encee Place, Muguga Green Drive, Brookside


7000 SQM


Copy Cat Limited

Bringing the jungle into an indoor office

For Copy Cat Ltd. we set out to create a new working space that is colorful and full of light, almost like bringing a jungle indoors. The project features a beautiful lobby that is well-lit and circular to provide a sense of completeness.

New finishes and vibrant furniture selection can be seen throughout the office which gives the impression of an energetic space. The low partitions for the workspace allow for easy accessibility while also enabling a collaborative space that is both functional and delightful.

A truly magical space to work in

The result of the project: plush interiors beginning from the reception going into the office, where everything seems to disappear in the space around – Truly a magical place to work in.

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