Brew Tap Room

An innovative beer bar and restaurant


Interior Design






Galleria Mall, Karen



Brew Tap Room


Best Innovation – Exellence in Architecture 2022

Creating the ideal environment to enjoy the best beers

The Brew Tap Room offers a youthful, vibrant and, refreshing experience for beer lovers. Drinks are the heart of the space: a copper-themed bar beckons you as you approach, a wall of beer barrels that creatively displaying the brewers tools of trade fosters a unique spatial experience. At the top, a monumental execution of barrel-inspired light fixtures provide the space with warmth and incandescence.

Upon entering the beer bar, a burst of warm tones courtesy of the custom barrel-inspired lighting opens your appetite to take you to the table. Several elements, including and the way-finding on the marble floors guide you to other specialties around the space.

An unbound social atmosphere with abundant experiences

Creating a variety of spatial qualities was equally important so as to offer clients a multiplicity of social experiences and dining options. The exploration of openness does not only ensure visual continuity but ensures a temporal articulation between the interior and exterior.

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