Aureos/Abraaj Capital

Interior Design expressing style and culture


Interior Design






2nd Floor Norfolk Tower, Kijabe Street, Nairobi


2200 SQM


Aureos Capital/Abraaj Capital

The modern office re-imagined for a calm space

Aureos/Abraaj Capital is an Open Plan office with modern style finish through texture, color, lighting and material. The space features clean lines that express the nature of service expected from the organization. We have used open large transparent windows to bring in a lot of natural light and a sign of transparency.

Utilizing a contrasting color system of light and dark, the intention is to aids intuitive movement around the space. The result is an open space configuration that is flexible and adaptable. Each space is infused with calm energy, from the directed entryway to the interactive wall elements.

A modern, fashionable office grounded in authenticity

An emphasis on calm working space is reflected in the abundance of spaces offering socializing and wellness focus away from the desk space. The end result is an open, spacious office that has a modern, fashionable feel, which the staff find to be authentic, and complementing the building’s design.

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