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A multifaceted workplace with interiors that go beyond aesthetics.

The Alexander Forbes office at Jumuia is one of a kind. The area expands on the business’s philosophy of growth in people’s lives, which is expressed in the shapes and simple lines that join to create a continuous path. From the entrance, the space is designed to guide you further in as you progress further in using the dominant brand color.

To give the office a feeling of identity, the space has a matching color scheme that is reflected on the walls and the flooring. High ceilings with a mix of light fixtures provide enough ambience to the space that gives it a warm glow akin to a bright sunny day. This makes for an ideal working office environment.

Space optimized for the experience of a modern office

As a premier financial institution with a high number of employees working in the office, the design makes the most of open areas to allow for unrestricted movement for those working at desks and those moving about. Ultimately, the interiors are well optimized, well-spaced, and well thought-out for the experience of a modern office.

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