Architectural stakeholders sensitized on the significance of digital technologies

Sketch Studio sets a new trend of functional digital technologies in Architecture with the launch of its new website.

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Hope Marketing

Architecture and the role of marketing today

The exact origin of architecture could be said to date to the Neolithic period, around 10,000 BC, or simply when people stopped living in caves and started handling the way they want their houses to look and feel like.

But the architectural sector across the globe has seen technology morph through different guises. Traditionally, architects have relied on word-of-mouth referrals, established relationships, and repeat clients. This passive approach to new business development is what is referred to as “Hope Marketing.”

But now, it would be an understatement to point out that the online world has become increasingly important for developing businesses in the architectural world.

And having a strong online presence is key to marketing today.

Having a digital strategy to create awareness

In Kenya, stakeholders are being sensitized on how to stand out in competition and thrive online, and indeed the importance to have a digital strategy in place that creates awareness of your firm, nurtures relationships with potential prospects, and builds trust in your brand.

Sketch Studio Chief Executive Officer, Jaspal Singh, underscored the impact of the digital onslaught and how it has brought about a significant shift in how businesses across the globe operate, hence the need “to bolster our collective efforts and embed digital technologies in our operations to stay afloat amidst the changing times.”

Jaspal added that digital channels provide cost-effective solutions for direct client engagement and can be ideal for communication. “Compared to traditional marketing methods like print, billboard, or radio advertisements, the techniques used for marketing online are often more affordable and easier to measure,” Jaspal commented in a keynote address.

Technological advances dictating pace of growth

Speaking during the official launch of the Sketch Studio website (, Jaspal emphasized that operating in an industry where technological advancement continues to dictate the pace, demands strategic planning and capital investments.

“We are launching this website to give our clientele a glimpse of what we do, who we are, what we have done before, and news around Architecture and Interior Design. Before I delve into our website which is going live today, I must mention that it has not been an easy ride. We have had to burn the midnight oil to ensure that this becomes a success.”

Sketch Studio in the beginning

Back in 2007, Sketch began its operations in the field, designing projects for various clients, providing innovative solutions, and creating experiences that have seen us maintain some of our biggest clients.

Jaspal remarked: “We take pride in our robust relationships with our customers as a brand, professionalism, and timeliness are also at the core of our operations which is why we are a multiple-award winning organization.”

“Even as we endeavor to continue offering our solutions to our client base, and in a bid to reach more clients, we saw the need to have an established website that will speak to what we do and stand for as an organization. There have been instances where clients would like to see some of the biggest projects we have worked on but could not find them online,”

We are committed to delivering Integrated Architectural Design solutions that add value to the places we work, live, learn and play.

Committed to the future - Creating new experiences where we work live & play

Similar sentiments were echoed by Sketch Studio’s Marketing Manager, Sarah Chege.

He reiterated: We are committed to harnessing the opportunities that come with digital technologies and in months and years to come, Sketch Studio Architects will be visible everywhere. We are committed to delivering Integrated Architectural Design solutions that add value to the places we work, live, learn and play.”

In attendance were Adil Khawaja, the Managing Partner at Dentons Hamilton Harrison Mathews and Chairman of Safaricom PLC, and Shakira Khawaja, Senior Fund Management Officer at UNEP and philanthropist and founder of Suqoon an organization that is focused on the elderly in Kenya.

Also in attendance were Sachin Patel of Ndarawetta Tea Factory, Aly Popat, a real estate developer, and a partner in various industries, and Paras Shah, a guru in packaging and running Megvel Cartons Limited.

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