About Sketch Studio

About Sketch Studio

Designing the perfect living and working spaces - since 2007.

Sketch Studio was established for the pursuit of quality in the industry. We are an award-winning architecture and interior design firm based in Nairobi.

Creating new experiences where we live and work.

Our History

Today we pride ourselves with an extensive portfolio consisting of projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Rwanda.

We are one of the country’s design oriented architects working on unique and innovative design projects – both Architectural and Interior design for commercial and residential projects.

This is a culmination of years of experience by our director Jaspal Singh, coupled with our global standards in delivering success for every project.

Our Approach

We provide complete planning, design, documentation and field supervision services. In addition, Sketch Studio employs an interdisciplinary approach to its projects and often collaborates with experts in other fields such as Environmental Design, Landscaping & Interior design.

A thorough understanding of our clients’ needs comes first, then we define, conceptualize the sketch!

Our Team

Here's the talented team that makes it happen.

We are always on the lookout for that special talent. Are you that special someone? Reach out to us for details on available opportunities.


We are Registered with the Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors and Architectural Association of Kenya

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